Frequently Asked Questions

Are these courses certified by the SNMMI for CE credit?

Yes! All our courses have been certified by the SNMMI so you will receive CE credit for all courses taken through our system.  All of our courses are brand new and have never before been offered for CE credit. Each course is worth one (1) hour of Continuing Education Credit.

How many courses are there to choose from?

Right now you can choose from 21 brand new courses. We will be adding 8 new courses in early 2014 and expect to add new courses every year thereafter to provide you with the latest in learning opportunities.

What are the courses like?

Our courses are online self-paced courses that include audio, multimedia, and imagery. Using your work or home computer, you can click through most of our courses in about one (1) hour. At the end of each course, you must pass a short quiz with a score of 80% or better to earn credit.

How are courses purchased?

Courses are purchased using a simple credit system. First you buy your credits. Then you redeem your credits to take any of the courses from the Available Courses list. Each course costs one (1) credit.

How much does it cost?

Purchase one credit at a time for $15 per credit. Or, you can buy one of our limited time Launch Specials at a significant savings.

Launch Special #1: 12 courses for $129
Launch Special #2: 24 courses for $199

These launch specials will have your credits covered for the next one or two years. Forget the headache, have the convenience, and save your money!

Some of the course titles on your site look similar to courses I’ve taken in past on the Cardinal Health CE Solutions site. If I take these new courses, will I still get credit?

Yes! The course content has been updated and delivered as online self-paced courses. Because of this, each course has been assigned a brand new SNMMI number.

How do I get credit for my courses to meet my continuing education requirements?

Every course you take with us has been certified by the SNNMI as a valid hour of CE credit. Simply print your certificate when you have completed your course, or come back to print your certificate anytime.

Can I view my historical records from the old Cardinal Health system?

Yes! Your records will be available to you as long as you chose to opt-in.