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Our Solution


Twenty Six (26) brand new SNMMI certified courses with additional courses being added throughout the year. Our courses are online self-paced courses that include audio, multimedia,
and imagery.


Our Learning Management System stores your complete course history. It also tracks your progress, sets bookmarks if needed, and displays your completed courses on your own personalized printable transcript.


Each month, we report all of your course completions to SNMMI/VOICE so they are always up to date on
your progress.


Courses are purchased using a simple credit system. First you buy your credits. Then you redeem your credits to take any of the courses from the Available Courses list. Each course costs one (1) credit. You must be signed in to
purchase credits.

Purchase one course at a time for $15 per course.
(Credits expire one (1) year from date of purchase.)

OR take advantage of one of our
Limited Time Launch Specials:


Our system is also available to all Nuclear Medicine Technologists who need
CE Credit! Simply click the Join button above to create an account.